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Fail to Read at Own Risk.

Face Masks are required doing service or appointment Canceled. 


Deposits are due immediately when booking with UB4G. All deposits go towards the remaining balance. Remaining balance must be paid before starting the appointment. (NO Cash, Cash app, PayPal and Zelle). All deposits are non- refundable.


The style you choose for your appointment CAN NOT be change once its BOOKED!!!!!

Please ensure the style you want is the style you're booking for. Different styles have different time slots, and also different product to be used.


Squeeze in Appointments $50 which is paid when deposits paid and WILL NOT go toward balance. Holidays $60 extra. 

During your child appointment I require all clients to sit doing the process of style. If client can't sit still, pulls away, slides out the chair or fall asleep doing the appointment your child's appointment is cancelled and I will be calling the parent to update them

appointment will be cancelled and deposits Lost ( NO TENDER HEADED CHILDEREN)


If your child appointment goes over 20 mins into the next appointment you will be a charged a fee of $15 every 10 mins over the appointment time.


10 mins late deposits is LOST!!!!

15 mins late appointments (Appointment Cancelled)

NO CALL NO SHOW you will not be able book again without paying $30 FEE

* Cancellations

Please provide 24 hours' notice for all CANCELLATIONS.

24-hour CANCELLATIONS you have to mid- night to find a date that's available. If there's no availability contact me and I will give you my next availability. Rescheduled Appointments have 24 hours to send a date or confirm the date I send. If not answer in 24 hours DEPOSIT LOST.


Hair must be CLEAN,OIL FREE AND NO PERM (IF not appointment will be cancelled) or you can pay $25 for a wash.



Make sure hair is detangled or it will be a $25 fee. All-natural hair needs to be wash comb out and wrapped into a bun or plaits. 


2 to 3 inches long (IF you have hair loss, please send pictures and video before booking or your deposit will be lost) Reconstruction Price Kids $25 Adults $50 Added to Total


Uniquebeauty4Girls Now Provide the Hair for all Scalp Braids Colors (1,1B, 2 and 4)


Detangle Pictures Below


No Parents are ALLOWED during appointment or 1 on 1 classes.

NO EXTRA COMPANY are appointment will be cancelled.

Parents will receive a call or text 20 mins before appointment is over. Please be on time for pick up. 

Email Confirmation

1st email confirming you have booked a appointment with UB4G With Date Time

2nd Reminder Email you of your appointment you have to COMFIRM your appointment when you receive the (Reminder Email) you have until 12am to do so or your appointment will be cancelled.

You will also receive a text message.

Thanks for booking with UB4G!!!!!!!


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